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2021 Raffle Rules

*All raffle prizes must be claimed within 60 days of when a notification has been made to the winner. All unclaimed prizes will become property of BYHA for the next years raffle.

*Prize winners will be posted on on March 15th or March 16th, 2021 after the winners are drawn.

*Winners will be drawn at the Bemidji Community Arena on March 15th, 2021

*Raffle tickets are $20 and are limited to 8000 tickets.

* A complete list of prizes will be posted on the website.

*Winners are responsible for any applicable fees & taxes.

*New players are required to hand in a $400 check to their Team Manager/Age Rep when they pick up their tickets.

*Tickets are required to be picked up by December 22nd, 2020 and money along with tickets must be handed in to Team Manager/Age Rep by March 1st, 2021.


The two players that sell the most raffle tickets will win a free week of Northern Minnesota Hockey Camp in 2021. If there is a tie for number of tickets sold for first or second place, BYHA will put the names in a hat that tied and pull a winner from that to get to two winners. Once a player sells their first 20 tickets and would like to sell more, they can reach Meggen Solheim at 2185563276 to pick up more. They will be dispersed in 5 ticket increments after their first 20 are sold.