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The Registration "Spring Hockey BYHA" is not currently available.

2020 Spring Ice Calendar

To make sure that the Sports Engine Calendar shows the ice times that you need, please select the following tags for the groups that your kids are in.


Goalies - Goalie Clinic

Mites/Termites - Mite 3x3, Mite Skills

Squirts/10U  - Squirt/10u 3x3, SQ 10U skills, Power Skating

Peewees - PW/12U 3x3, PW/12U Skills, Power Skating

Bantams -Bantam 3x3, Bantam Skills, Power Skating

Girls High School - BHS Girls Varsity

Boys High School - BHS Boys Varsity


Registration Info

$125       Termites, Mite 1, and Mite 2 

$150       Squirt/10U

$150       Peewee/12U

$150       Bantam

$100       High School

Skills Nights

The skills nights will be run similar to a practice during the season with special emphasis placed on the skills needed to succeed in hockey. Each night will be different and hopefully challenging for each player.

Why Spring Ice?

BYHA 2020 Spring Ice Goals

1. Have fun playing 3x3 hockey with friends at the end of a long competitive season

2. Allow the kids to be creative and develop more skills

3. Get comfortable with the group of kids they will be playing with next season

4. Raise money towards the second sheet of ice at the BCA


We are hoping that we will have enough goalies playing to have a goalie in net for each game. Goalies can wear whatever jersey they want. Goalies will play half the game for each team .

If we don't have enough goalies at an age level we will be asking other goalies to step in and play to make it as fun as possible. If you are willing to play up this would be a great opportunity to get some different experiences and improve your game.


Please throw a dark and a light jersey in your kid's hockey bag if you have both. We will try to have a few extra jerseys there for kids to wear if they need but we will not have enough for everyone. They will know in the locker room each night which jersey they need to wear so some kids will likely trade jerseys in the locker room for the night.  


Games will be played cross-ice and we will have bumpers and/or the hard dividers to separate the games. Bantam and Peewee/12U will switch on the fly and Squirts/10U and Mites/Termites will switch on the whistle or horn. 

Games will use the full hour of ice and will likely consist of 10 minute warm-up and two periods of about 20 minutes each. We will adjust the time to use the full hour. 

First few games will be round-robin style and to get everyone acclimated to 3x3 and then the tournament bracket will begin. 


We may be moving a few kids around trying to make teams as even as possible and to fill in when teams are short players but we will try to keep the teams intact as much as possible to create the true tournament feel as much as possible.

Coaches and Volunteers

We would love to have as many coaches as possible help out with each session. Either as coaches on the bench, reffing, locker room assistance, etc....

If you are not a coach you can still help with moving nets, bumpers, hard dividers, keeping score for games, run the clock, etc.... and if you are a locker room monitor you can assist in the locker rooms.