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Coaches Corner

2023/2024 BYHA Coach Registration Form

If you have interest in being a coach in BYHA for the 2023/2024 season, please complete the following Coach Registration.

Coach To Do List

  1. Update roster on Team Page with numbers for each player
  2. Team page updated with current contact info of all contacts
  3. Team manager selected
  4. Roster submitted to BYHA Registrar ASAP
  5. Review team games and practice schedule online
  6. Game Reporting - D16 games all must be reported to the District 16 website
  7. Tournaments:  Enter ALL Tournament games on your website yourself.  Don't know how?  Look at the Bantam AA page Team schedule.  Still need help, contact webmaster.
  8. After a game:  IMMEDIATELY after a game, either assign this task or do it yourself...ENTER THE FINAL SCORE ON OUR BYHA WEBSITE USING THE "QUICK SCORE" FEATURE.  This can be done on the mobile app or on the website.  Don't know?  Ask.    (This is a very important soon as you report the score, it is sent out to all BYHA social media accounts.  Out-dated score reporting is not good.  So please have someone enter this ASAP (as a good rule of thumb, try and have this accomplished before the kids get done with the game ending handshake!)


Any district 16 scores and fair play points must be recorded here each week. Head coach is responsible to do this or assign someone to do this each week.

Coaches Manual for BYHA Website

The ultimate information piece for you to learn about using our website as a total team Management!