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2023 Mini Lumberjack Program

2023 Northern Minnesota Hockey Camp

2023/2024 BYHA Bantam AA

BYHA is seeking applicants and will be holding interviews for the 2023/2024 Bantam AA Coach position. If interested in applying, please fill out the application at the following link.

Bemidji Mite 2 Outdoor Games - January 2023

Bemidji Mite 1 Warmups at Legendary Nymore Rink - January 28, 2023

Interested in being a referee?

Click here for information about reffing hockey in Bemidji


    While not required, BYHA encourages the use of neck guards on BYHA players for additional personal protection equipment to increase the safety of all active players.  Neck guards can prevent skate lacerations that has been known to cause severe injuries, including death.   Neck guard wear can be purchased at Top Shelf Hockey in Bemidji.  

    HS hockey player Teddy Balkind died after ice skate sliced neck (

    Off-season Training Suggestions

    5,000 Puck Challenge

    2023 Raffle Winners

    BYHA Development Plan


    Bemidji Youth Hockey Teamwear is now available in full stock for purchase at Skeeter Stitch.  Teamwear is highly encouraged to wear for all kids who are on traveling teams (10U, Squirt, 12U, Pewee, Bantam, 15U).  Any other active member within the BYHA Organization may purchase Teamwear as well.  Teamwear concept was developed by HDC and adopted by the BYHA to provide a single teamwear outfit (pants, jacket) that all teams will wear at all age levels.  This will provide a team centric culture and provide consistency for all teams to wear an approved teamwear so every team wears the same color and design. Embroidery/personalization is available; players may get their last names and/or jersey numbers embroidered on the left thigh of the pant leg or on the hood of the jacket.  It is required that no player will get any other language embroidered on the teamwear (example: Squirt B 2022/2023, Bantam AA).  Pants and Jacket are available at Skeeter Stitch (3559 Division Street West).  Pants are $34.95 + Embroidery + tax and Jackets are $49.95 + Embroidery + tax.  Please contact Skeeter Stitch at (218) 751-0675 if you have any questions in regards to the purchase or ordering of Teamwear.  Please contact BYHA President Jenn Nelson (218) 766-8252 if you have any other questions related to Teamwear.      


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