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      Second Sheet of Ice

      We are on our way to funding the second sheet of ice, but this requires the participation of the Association Members in total. Our obligation is $500,000, which is 11% of the total cost. We have already received commitments and donations of approximately $40,000. If the membership does not respond as a group, we will not secure the funding and the construction will cease.


      How to donate:

      1. Pledge forms can be found on the home page and can be turned into a Board Member, Dina Lee or Courtney Aitken.
      2. There is a PayPal tab found on the Home Page and under the Donations and Sponsors tab. Please encourage others to use the tab as giving can occur over computer or smartphone. One does not have to be from Bemidji to give!


      We must hear from all of you. Thank you!

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